Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 3 & 4 - Much Ado About Something.

Sorry I missed last nights entry. I was so tired that I was in bed and asleep before the wife (that NEVER happens). Yesterday was virtually uneventful. I did however follow the caloric intake and I think you will all be very pleased by the grand total. I have been pretty consistent with changing the channel when I see a food commercial winding up on the TV, unfortunately I usually end up seeing another commercial for hot, happy gob stuffing on the next channel. Have yet to hit the pool, dunno why not aside from simple laziness. (Yet another reason I'm in the shape I am) Think I'll make an attempt to check it out this weekend. I would say tomorrow but I would like to spend a little bit of time with the wife before she takes off for the day.

Today on the other hand was HUGE! Woke up and received a call from my insurance provider...We are good to go for the procedure. I immediately called the surgeon and, of course, got voice mail. So I left a message letting her know the good news and went about my day. She called later, but I missed her call. Her voice mail was awesome though, she is good to go, and just needs to set a date! WOOT!

 I met a challenge head on and DESTROYED it! I am an avid movie fanatic and I am a believer that movie snacks are a MUST for the true theater experience. Movie popcorn (medium, I'm not a complete glutton), Soda; usually a cherry coke, and a confection of some fruity sort. Seeing as how none of the aforementioned items are chock full of protein and are under 300 calories they no longer make the cut. I went and took in The Expendables 2 and Total Recall with my new "movie buddy" today. Folks I'm not going to lie to you and say it was easy, no problem, in and out unscathed, because that would be horse shit.

I walk into my local Cinemark, ready to see all the explosions that Micheal Bay can muster (He didn't direct the films)  I saunter to the ticket booth and purchase my tickets for both movies, as one was directly showing after the other, and then make my way to the Holy Land, also known as the concession stand. The aromas of hot, buttery movie popcorn, sweet and salty kettle corn, nachos with that processed cheese sludge from a can, and greasy roller hotdogs assaulted my nostrils like the first wave of marines hitting the beach at Iwo Jima. I was faltering. But I looked to my right and saw a liter bottle of DASANI water staring at me from behind the frosty glass of the refrigeration case. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the large packet of Crystal Light fruit punch, and steeled myself. I purchased the water and moved on.

With water in hand, and nothing more I made my way to the theater and made it through the first movie with little issue. The second movie on the other hand...It was as if every person in the theater had their very own large popcorn and jumbo 50 gallon drum of soda, and they were all eating and slurping in unison. It was maddening! But I hunkered down, dug deep and sat through the rest of the show without incident. Now I don't mind telling you I beat feet outta there quick, fast and in a hurry come the end of the second film, but I had made it. I made it through 2 movies without a sugary, salty, fatty treat. I'm pretty happy about that. That's much ado about something folks.

If you made it this far, you earned the following -

8/16/12 calorie count

Breakfast - Protein shake: 230
                  Protein bar: 210

Lunch - Protein shake: 230
             Protein bar: 210

Snack - Protein shake: 230

Dinner - Stir-fry vegetables with boneless pork roast: 220

Grand Total - 1330

8/17/12 calorie count

Breakfast - Protein shake: 230
                  Protein bar: 210

Lunch - Protein shake: 230

Snack - 1 cup carrots with 1 Tblsp ranch: 170

Dinner - 4 oz Boneless Pork Roast:  280
              1/2 cup steamed broccoli in cheese sauce: 45
              1 tsp mustard: 3

Grand Total - 1168

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 2 - The Ah-Ha moment.

I never realized just how many commercials were on TV for food. While enjoying my morning shake and protein bar, I counted 9 times where I was assaulted by pizza, sub sandwiches, pasta, and seafood. All of these commercials showed happy, energetic people enjoying their favorite watering hole eating steaming hot, beautifully crafted food. I think about this and the times that I have been to some of these places, and I don't ever remember having as good a time as these people seem to be having. Nor do I recall having such camera friendly dishes served to me by such attractive wait staff. BING!! Light bulb, duh, it's marketing and these people are the best at what they do. Well...not today.

So I need to find something to do other than watch TV during day time and prime time. Easier said than done, I'm a TV junkie. To that end I am going to utilize the adults only pool, that is afforded to us by our HOA, in the morning before the temperature gets to roughly that of the surface of the sun. The evening is going to be a little harder for outdoor activity, simply because of the heat. So I need some ideas as to what I can do indoors to keep away from the TV for a couple of hours and my mind off of food. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below.

And now the money shot, as it were. The daily calorie count.

Breakfast - Shake: 230
                  Protein bar: 210

Lunch - Shake: 230
             Protein bar: 300

Snack - Protein bar: 200

Dinner - Lean Ham Lunch meat (4 slices): 200
              1 1/2 cups Carrots: 78
              1 tsp. Yellow Mustard: 3
              1 slice American cheese: 45

Grand total: 1496 calories for the day.

A little more than I should be having but I'm still comfortable with it. I need to find a way to trim some from the shakes, and I thing Power bar chocolate peanut butter is going to have to hit the showers. Felt very tired today and hungry. I drank an easy 1/2 gallon of crystal light peach mango green tea and fruit punch...gunna have to step it up a notch. Stay tuned folks, we've only just begun.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Sentencing

Life... That one simple word holds so many different meanings. For me it has two. First and foremost, a chance to live better and healthier. To spend the rest of my life enjoying things that I honestly cannot physically do now. Ride a plane...and only pay for one ticket. Go to an amusement park and ride the rides. Walk without sputtering like an old diesel engine. It also means that I am sentencing myself to a life of less than fantastic food. Confined like a death row inmate, I will not be allowed to freely enjoy all the junk food I want. I know that's why I'm in the shape I'm in, but hey I can, and need to, change. I have asked my friends and family for all the support they can offer, and one of them suggested a blog (insert name drop here) so I don't overload Facebook servers with my constant updates. So lets get started.

I have decided to undergo Gastric Sleeve surgery to assist me in losing an almost epic amount of weight. To this end I have started a pre-op diet to lose 5% of my weight and shrink my liver. I am allowed 1200 (ish) calories a day. I cannot drink anything that has calories (i.e. soda, sweet tea, sports drinks). I am allowed to drink water, Crystal Light, unsweetened tea, or sugar free Kool-Aid. I am to have 5 protein shakes or bars daily and one real food meal consisting of lean meats, vegetables, and good fats (see oxymoron). I have chosen a few different brands of protein bars because there were so many different options. I am using Pure Protein (sorry Angel) Vanilla protein shake mix. the meal breakdown goes as follows:

Breakfast - 0930 hrs -  8oz Protein shake
                                 Protein bar

Lunch - 1230 hrs - 8oz Protein shake
                              Protein bar

Snack - 1530 hrs - Protein bar

Dinner - 1900 hrs - FOOOOD!!

Today I tried 3 different protein bars to try and decide which I would continue purchasing and which could go directly to sawdust hell. ZONE Blueberry - Pomegranate Yogurt bar, not awful. It looks like a granola bar and is the least cardboard tasting of the options tried today. Lunch was brought to you by Power Bars' Peanut butter - Chocolate bar. Very chewy, but in a I-need-to-work-this-around-to-be-able-to-swallow-it way. Flavor wise, I didn't hate it and it could be looked at as a "treat", if I use the definition of "treat" loosely. Snack was provided by Balances' Chocolate Peanut Butter bar. OK, this is where it takes a turn for the ugly. Unwrapping this disappointment was just shy of a miracle (I'm looking at you Vatican). Once I was able to get to the bar, I was greeted by what can only be described as a fudgey turd. I was waiting for it to start talking and singing Christmas carols. Upon biting into the bar I was astonished to find that it truly was a turd and immediately spat it out and discarded it properly. Dinner was uneventful, but was met by excitement. Skinless chicken thighs (2), a cup of raw carrots, and a cup of steamed broccoli.

 Didn't really have any cravings for sweet or fatty foods and while not full, I was satisfied. All in all, not a horrible day, but then again this is only day one and I have Life to go.